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Advanced facial recognition technology integrated with time-tracking for enormous business scenarios
A State of The Art Face Recognition Cloud Biometrics
Evolve Your Business Strategy with
Extended Features to Assist Customers with Additional Business Needs
EasyTrackSystem provides customers with a low-cost, total cloud employee tracking solution with advanced facial recognition technology.
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Customer Testimonial

Kangaroo Circle

"EasyTrackSystem saved me lots of time on auditing staff attendance and streamline my payroll procedure."

Raymond Ng

Kangaroo Plastics Technology

“Using facial recognition technology clear away fraudulent practice of clock in and out, make attendance and payroll more accurate and reduce auditing overhead.”

Joanne Cheng

COO, GlobalTech Recycling Limited

Who We Are

EasyTrackSystem Pty Ltd is a Australian based software company specialised in time-tracking software with leading edge facial recognition technologies.

Our high-tech solutions and services help different companies, organizations and government sectors to achieve accurate and faultless attendance recording.

Facial Recognition Technology


Our facial recognition technology could identify hundreds of facial features for a person

Powerful machine learning engine to build continuous recognition models and improve accuracy

Leverage leading edge technology and resource terms to provide cost-efficient recognition function

Adaptable facial recognition model for different scenarios with various backgrounds (e.g. in-door or out-door, etc)

Key Features

This new ability to record, store, and analyze images of faces will fundamentally change notions of privacy, fairness, and trust.

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Facial Recognition Attendance Device

Device utilizes 3G/4G/5G network allows ultimate mobility for enormous business scenarios

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Cloud Processing Solutions

Total cloud solution. No software installation is required, and access from anywhere, anytime

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Fast Accurate Clock-in / Out for Staff

Facial recognition happened in seconds, avoiding fraud and provide accurate working hours for employees

ETS Feature - Scalability


Support multiple work sites / factories with multiple attendance device. Allow management to monitor employee attendance status with dashboard


Work Shifts

Allow customers to define work shifts (e.g. morning shift, afternoon shift...) for employees so employees could only clock-in/out within their specific working period

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Other Features

Extended features like SMS, shift tolerance, lunch / OT rules which allow customer to sharpen their attendance / payroll process

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Real-time Activity Dashboard

Dashboard provides a holistic overview of employee attendance status


Informative Management Reports for Attendance

Reports allow customers to export all attendance data (work hours, lunch breaks, OTs, etc.) for payroll purposes


Facial Recognition Attendance Device

Facial Recognition Device allow employees to clock-in / out matching facial features. Contractors (without baseline photos) will also be allowed and clock-in / out photos will be taken for auditing purposes.

EasyTrackSystem - Facial Recognition Device mounted on factory

Easy !

ETS EasyTrackSystem

Our solution provides customers with a low-cost, total cloud employee tracking solution with advanced facial recognition technology.

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