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An unparalleled levels of security, safety and performance with ETS Facial Recognition Solutions.

EasyTrackSystem Pty Ltd is a high-tech solutions, services and products help company, organisations and governments to achieve their goals and ambitions.

Our Mission

We merge state of art technology into a cost-effective application, allow customer to use the latest technology and tools available to operators of all sizes. Expedites the use of forward-thinking computer vision technology to enhance operation efficiency for both private and public sectors.

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Our Team

We are a young and energetic team composed of experts from product development, R&D, technical support, business operations, sales and marketing. We work together to develop and provide the most advanced, cost-effective solutions for different applications and market segments, and achieve continuous improvement and success.

Young and energetic team

Creativity and perseverance are the driving force for us to move forward and provide customers with quality services.

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ETS EasyTrackSystem

Our solution provides customers with a low-cost, total cloud employee tracking solution with advanced facial recognition technology.

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