Advanced facial recognition technology integrated with time-tracking for enormous business scenarios

EasyTrackSystem with benefit of facial recognition technology is increasingly adopted in multiple business scenarios.
ETS is Increasingly Adopted in Multiple Business Scenarios

ETS is Increasingly Adopted in Multiple Business Scenarios


EasyTrackSystem solution allows workers to clock-in / out with minimal IT support in factory sites by using facial recognition device connecting to ETS cloud infrastructure through 3/4/5G technology.

Device can be run standalone anywhere in the factory premises and management can access real-time through a web interface.

ETS Product for

Outdoor Venues

EasyTrackSystem solution allows employees, guests, members to check-in / out of the outdoor venues through the facial recognition device.

Our facial recognition device could adapt various difficult outdoor environment .

EasyTrackSystem - for event conference

Outdoor Venue Events & Conferencing

EasyTrackSystem solution allows guests to be checked-in in seconds. Organizer can non-intrusively track attendee participation to determine which sessions are the most popular based on attendance.

The system allows personalized greetings to VIP customers via SMS after customers checked in.

Easy !

ETS EasyTrackSystem

Our solution provides customers with a low-cost, total cloud employee tracking solution with advanced facial recognition technology.

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